Jilin Province Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Service and Support

Service Philosophy: always provide customers with the most cost-effective products. Our service system is built and completed on 40 years of experience.

Service Commitment: keep customers away from worries by offering high-efficiency, high-quality services.

Service Principle: think what customers think, be anxious about what customers are anxious about. Put customer demands at the first place.

1. Pre-Sales Services
1) Our professional customer service team will provide relevant information as needed for model selection.
2) Sales professionals may visit customers abroad to communicate details of the contract.
3) Based on the customers' specific construction projects, our R & D team may work with customers to develop the most preferred plans that best meet individual requirements.

2. After-Sales Service

1) Provide free basic technical drawings, manuals and maintenance manuals in English.
2) The warranty is 12 months. During the period, if there are quality- or manufacturing-related problems, we will replace and repair the wrong parts.
3) We have professional technical personnel to provide customers with systematic, comprehensive, standardized technical guidance and operational training on installation, commissioning and maintenance.

After-Sales Service Commitment
1) 24 hours online support and timely feedback.
2) free replacement, maintenance and service in warranty.
3) long-term supply of wearing parts and wear-resistant parts.
4) lifetime technical services, technical support.
5) long-term offer of technical upgrades.

JRM is a professional road machinery manufacturer in China. Our main line includes asphalt recycling equipment, asphalt mixing plant, snow removal equipment, crack sealing equipment, etc. Welcome to contact us to get the best road construction and road maintenance equipment.