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Project Cases
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant and Concrete Mixing Plant in Russia

  • Our company has been committed to the development and expansion of Russian market. Currently, several asphalt mixing plants and cement concrete mixing plants have been exported to Russia, for example, the LB1000 asphalt batch mix plant in Blagoveshchensk, is a live advertisement on Russian market, making good publicity in the region where it is located as well as in surrounding regions.

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  • Asphalt Mixing Plant and Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant in Mongolia

  • Since our beginning to enter the Mongolian market, our LB1500, LB2000 asphalt mixing plant and WBM300 stabilized soil mixing plant have been successful on the market. The sales shows a rising trend in recent years, especially in 2013, a total of five sets of batching plants are exported to Mongolia, which are well-received by local customers.

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  • Asphalt Mixing Plant in Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia is a country of high temperature and frequent sand storms, and humid ocean climate can be found in some east and west areas where is close to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. At the beginning of entering the Saudi market, we take the above climate characteristics into consideration, adjust and improve all aspects of our road construction equipment to enable them to be fully adapted to the local environment. The road equipment has maximized performance and versatility to meet customers’ different requirements. It is suitable for all highway and municipal projects.

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  • Asphalt Mixing Plant in Sri Lanka

  • The first set of our asphalt mixing plant, in model of LB1000, was exported to Sri Lanka in 2011. Till now, the asphalt plant has been running in good condition with production capacity of 80,000 tons. The asphalt equipment was adjusted and upgraded according to customer demand and local climate characteristics, so it well adapts to the local monsoon climate. Our adjusting and upgrading on the asphalt batching plant design will be going on to better serve customers.

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