Sanitation Equipment

    1. Guardrail Cleaning Truck The guardrail cleaning truck can be matched with a variety of models of vehicles;
      In winter, the entire guardrail washer can be interchanged with snow shovel.
    1. Washing and Cleaning TruckThe AD5150GQX washing and cleaning truck is a multifunction cleaning equipment that integrates functions of road surface cleaning, dust suppression by spraying, billboard cleaning, sprinkling, irrigating, firefighting, sewage pipe dredging, industrial container cleaning, etc.

Our self-developed sanitation equipment is a kind of widely used road maintenance equipment. It is found in daily operations of sanitation departments at all levels.

The function of our sanitation truck goes beyond that of an ordinary sprinkler. This cleaning equipment is capable of the high pressure cleaning of road pavement, curbs, guardrails, billboards, and road barriers. In addition, our sanitation equipment also has functions of emergency firefighting, dust reduction, green belt watering, water sewage pipe dredging, industrial container cleaning, etc, showing the true versatility.

Our sanitation equipment also includes the guardrail washing machine which is interchangeable with snow shovel and snow brush, greatly increasing the efficiency of the equipment.

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