Crack Sealing Equipment
(Crack Filler)

    1. Crack Sealing TruckThe pavement grooving machine and the crack filling equipment are removable, so that the crack sealing truck can be used as a multi-purpose vehicle for transportation.
    1. Asphalt Crack Sealing MachineThe LGJ-500 asphalt crack sealing machine is for sealing cracks in asphalt road surface to prevent surface water flowing into the lower base along the crack, which may accelerate the expansion of cracks into potholes.
    1. Crack Sealing Machine
      (Self Propelled Crack Filler)
      The self-propelled crack sealing machine has auxiliary hydraulic drive traveling system, which enables walking and steering without tractor at the construction site, improving construction efficiency while saving costs.

Our self-developed crack sealing equipment is mainly used to fill cracks in modified asphalt or sealant of asphalt concrete pavement. The crack sealing machine enables road maintenance to start from filling cracks instead of filling the consequent potholes, extending life of roads, improving road security and comfortableness, and avoiding costly overhaul project.

To be suited for different conditions and multi-purpose needs, our crack sealing equipment comes in a variety of types, including multifunctional crack sealing truck, towed crack sealing machine, self-propelled crack sealing equipment, and vehicle-mounted sealing machine. The main components for these road maintenance equipment are mostly imported original accessories. For example, the engine is of U.S. Kohler brand, diesel burner is of Italian Riello brand, power generator is of Japan Yamaha brand, and the hydraulic part is of Jeou Gang brand.

1. The crack sealing equipment adopts HTO indirect heating method. The double insulation brings good insulating effect.
2. Automatic temperature display, precise control over temperature.
3. Electric heating type sealant delivery hose ensures smooth flowing and right temperature of the sealant.
4. When the road equipment stops working, the sealant remains in the hose can be drawn back to the heating device, which can prevent the hose from being clogged by the solidified sealant.
5. When the asphalt crack filler safe feeding cover is opened, the agitator stops.
6. The crack sealing equipment boasts less fuel consumption, easy operation, and high safety performance.

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