Winter Maintenance Equipment

    1. Ice Removal EquipmentThe hot air being used to dry the road is the collected exhaust air from the heating system. The ice removal equipment boasts extremely high thermal efficiency, being more energy-efficient during operation.
    1. Snow Removal and Deicing TruckThe multi-functional snow removal and deicing truck is a purely mechanical snow removal vehicle that is capable of plowing, scraping, sweeping snow and breaking ice.
    1. Snow Removal Truck
      (Snow Equipment)
      As we know, conventional snow removal trucks are mainly used for winter road maintenance such as snow cleaning, deicing agent (salt) spreading, and ice melting on highways, roads, urban roads, airports, squares, scenic roads.
    1. Snow Removal TruckThe AD5030TCX snow removal truck does a fast, efficient, safe, and thorough job. It is a versatile snow removal equipment that integrates snow shoveling, snow blowing, and transport functions, suitable for cleaning snow on urban roads, squares, and scenic roads.
    1. Deicing Salt SpreaderThe S series deicing salt spreader is a type of snow removal equipment that does a fast, efficient, safe, and thorough job. It spreads deicing salt (road salt) on highways and urban roads to enable traffic in snow seasons.
    1. Loader Mounted Snow BlowerThe snow blowing drum can rotate in 300 degrees, loading the snow into pickup trucks at left and right sides of the snow blower. The drum can also move up and down to accommodate different heights of trucks.
    1. Snow BlowerOur self-developed PXA snow blower is a professional piece of snow removal equipment that can quickly clear the road of snow. The snow remover is mainly used for city roads and highways.
    1. Snow Removal Brush
      (Center Mounted Snow Brush)
      The snow removal brush works in a floating state, maintaining proper pressure on the ground. This reduces brush bristles wear, ensures that the road is thoroughly cleaned, and enables obstacle avoidance.
    1. Snow PlowThe CX series truck mounted snow plow is a high speed heavy duty snow shovel. This snow plough has high structural strength, reliable obstacle avoidance performance, proper pressure on the ground, so it is particularly suitable for quick snow removal operations.

We are a famous winter maintenance equipment manufacturer in China. As early as in 1996, we developed and manufactured the domestic first snow removal truck that integrates snow cleaning and salt spreading functions. Now our self-developed snow removal equipment, such as the deicing salt spreader, multifunctional snow removal truck, ice melter, snow blower, spreaders, snow plow, and the snow roller brush, has become the mainstream winter maintenance equipment for snow cleaning and ice melting operations on roads, bridges and airports in China.

The multifunctional snow removal truck is a purely mechanical winter maintenance equipment that is capable of plowing, scraping, sweeping snow and breaking ice. It can efficiently remove all snow packs and solid ice on the road, arising as a very effective alternative to the deicing agent which has been widely restricted to use. The road maintenance truck contributes to keeping the main roads and hub sections open and secure.

The ice and snow melter is specially developed for freezing rain zones. Its function is to clear 5mm or less thick ice on the roads and bridges. This winter maintenance equipment adopts hot melting technology, and through heating, water adsorbing, and drying processes, cleans the thin ice on the road. The total heating power is 2.8 million kcal; deicing width is 3.3 m; and the operating speed is about 5km/h.

In addition, snow brush, snow plow, and salt spreader can be mounted on the chassis as per your request for uses in different regions. In order to improve the versatility of the snow removal equipment, the winter maintenance equipment may have additional watering cans and guardrail cleaning devices, which allow the water sprinkling, greening and cleaning operations in other seasons.

JRM is a professional winter service vehicle manufacturer in China. Welcome to contact us to get the best solutions to improve winter road conditions.