Recycled Asphalt Plant

As the old asphalt pavement material multiplies, the recycling of old material has become a popular topic worldwide. Effective asphalt recycling can save resources, reduce environmental pollutions, and improve economic efficiency. The recycled asphalt plant is an ideal solution for asphalt recycling.

Our development of the ZJ series asphalt recycling plant started in 2003. Through manufacturing, testing, and finalizing, the asphalt recycling equipment had a successful rollout in 2008. The recycled asphalt plant mixes old and new materials by a reasonable ratio, producing asphalt mixtures that meet construction requirements. The recycler reduces costs on construction and maintenance, and protects the environment.

1. The recycled asphalt plant adopts hot mix recycling method. It can work with our asphalt mixing plants of model 1000-5000 with productivity of 80t / h ~ 400t / h. The proportion of old material can be up to 30-50%.
2. The asphalt plant can be seamlessly integrated into asphalt concrete mixing plant. The high accuracy and coordinated control ensure the high quality of recycled asphalt.
3. The hot flue gas recycling method is taken by the recycled asphalt plant for energy conservation.
4. Old materials and new materials are heated using separate burners and drying drums. The old asphalt material is heated by hot flue gas, isolated from fire, to ensure the temperature rise and meanwhile avoid aging phenomenon.
5. Heavy oil and residual oil are workable for the burning. The burner features low noise, high thermal efficiency, and good reliability.
6. The control system of recycled asphalt plant uses Siemens process controllers and electrical components imported from Japan, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation.
7. The metering system uses imported high-precision sensors, to ensure measurement accuracy.

Major Components of the Recycled Asphalt Plant

  • Control room
    The control room is equipped with air conditioning. PC / PLC enables manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic control.

  • Old material metering and delivery
    Accurate measurement of the old material to the ratio required.

  • Cold feed hopper
    Using a belt electronic scale feeder, with free speed control to ensure the accuracy of the material supply.

JRM is an expert in asphalt pavement recycling systems. Welcome to contact us for green recycling solutions.