Road Maintenance Equipment
(Asphalt Repair Equipment )

    1. Asphalt Pavement Equipment
      (Hot Mix Asphalt Paver)
      Unique hot air circulation heating method is used by the asphalt pavement equipment to ensure energy conservation and environmental protection, and also to prevent the asphalt from being overheated in the process.
    1. Pothole Patching Equipment
      (Asphalt Patch Truck)
      The pothole patching equipment uses flexible and controllable hot air heating method to make sure that the pavement is evenly heated, and the asphalt is not easily burnt and oxidized in the process.
    1. Asphalt Crack Sealer
      (Crack and Pothole Patcher)
      The AD5160TYHRQ asphalt crack sealer is one type of construction trucks for driveway repair. The truck is a versatile, highly efficient road maintenance equipment, widely used for patching potholes, cracks and other damages in asphalt pavement.
    1. Asphalt Pavement Maintenance TruckThe asphalt pavement maintenance truck can serve as a tank truck for long-distance, high-capacity, and heat-insulated asphalt transport. It can also perform hot recycling on cold asphalt.
    1. Road Maintenance Truck
      (Hot Mix Asphalt Equipment)
      In the pavement overhaul process, the construction truck is capable of long-distance, high-capacity, and heat-insulation transport of asphalt mixtures. The road maintenance truck can work with asphalt mixing plants and paving machines.
    1. Asphalt Distributor TruckThe asphalt distributor can distribute high temperature, high viscosity rubber asphalt, modified asphalt, and heavy traffic asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt.

The asphalt repair equipment is our new development that adopts the technology of the national 863 project. In addition to being energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly efficient, the asphalt equipment is a versatile road maintenance equipment to serve for multiple purposes. The asphalt repair equipment has functions of asphalt regeneration, new aggregates mixing, heated asphalt spraying, emulsified asphalt spraying, pavement compaction, power generation, electric output and hydraulic output.

The asphalt pavement maintenance equipment is designed with a drum regenerator to discharge the asphalt mixture for road repair, and the regenerator has high regeneration speed to be suitable for a variety of local repairs. The asphalt can be heated for regeneration on site as the repair work goes on. The regeneration process does not pollute the environment, and throughout the process, the drum does rotary motion and so the asphalt is heated evenly and quickly. There is no need for other auxiliary equipment in the process, and the asphalt repair equipment can complete the damaged pavement repair work independently. Roller, angle grinder, hand drill, hydraulic hammer, electric hammer, etc., can be optional tools to meet requirements of repair job and other jobs.

Compared with the traditional road repair processes, our preventive maintenance equipment only takes one fifth of the time to finish the work, and save repair costs by 60%. In cold regions, the repair will ask for extra 4 months, without other auxiliary road construction equipment.

Features of Asphalt Repair Equipment
1. The vehicle chassis achieves Euro IV emission standards;
2. High heating efficiency, high regeneration quality;
3. Energy saving heating method;
4. Driving and heating simultaneously;
5. Asphalt emulsion spray system;
6. Asphalt heating and spray system, spraying hot asphalt into drum at any time;
7. The asphalt repair equipment can be used for multiple purposes, with other features such as: crushing, power output, hydraulic output, etc.;
8. Capability of carrying hydraulic drive vibratory rollers;
9. The chassis has excellent carrying capacity.

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