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Pothole Patching Equipment
(Asphalt Patch Truck)

1. The pothole patching equipment adopts hot air circulation heating technology, and the waste heat can be recycled to improve the thermal efficiency. It has been tested by professional institutes that, the fuel consumption can be reduced by about 40% compared with the red lead heating method. So our pothole patcher brings significant energy-saving effect.
2. The pothole patching equipment uses flexible and controllable hot air heating method to make sure that the pavement is evenly heated, and the asphalt is not easily burnt and oxidized in the process. For modified asphalt pavement, the heating depth can also reach above 6cm, which can significantly improve the quality of pavement maintenance. So the pothole patching equipment is an ideal piece of road maintenance equipment for modified asphalt road.
3. The thermal device is of all-metal structure, which is durable with long life and usually maintenance-free. Compared with infrared ceramic heating panel, the maintenance costs on our asphalt patch truck is more affordable.
4. Efficient hot patch process is adopted by the asphalt equipment to simplify and speed up the construction process, save cost, and get high quality adhesion between layers and joints, thus getting excellent construction quality.
5. The chassis boasts high carrying capacity: the hot air pothole patching equipment uses Dongfeng reinforced chassis, which keeps stable during the drum’s rotation.

Main Parameters of AD5091TYHRQ Pothole Patching Equipment

Main Structure Main Technical Parameters of AD5091TYHRQ Pothole Patcher

Model: DFA1090LJ11D5
Power: 92Kw
Drive type: 4 × 2
Maximum speed: 99Km / h
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 7840 × 2200 × 2520
Recycling drum Onetime recycled materials: 650kg
Maximum recycling capacity: 2000-3000kg / h
Rotational speed: 5-8rpm/min
Feeding mechanism Feeding: mechanical automatic feeding
Feed hopper volume: 80L
Single feeding weight: 120Kg (density: 1500Kg / m3)
Single feeding time: 10 ~ 20S
Hot air system Fuel Type: Diesel
Heating device: Burner
Power Generators Power: 6KW
Power voltage: 380V/220V
With a power output interface
Hydraulic system Double-pump
System pressure: front pump 10MPa; rear pump 14MPa
Emulsified asphalt system Emulsified asphalt tank capacity: 50L
Spray hose length: 6m
Asphalt heating and spraying system Asphalt tank capacity: 600L
Asphalt heating time is 2h
Warning device Lights
Pavement heater Vehicle-mounted heating panel, connected to the chassis through the rear hinge. Its flip and lift is under hydraulic control, and the up-and-down stroke is 305mm.
heating panel frame size: 1100mm × 1100mm;
actual heating area: ​​1.2m2;
heating capacity: 50000kcal.

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