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Asphalt Pavement Equipment
(Hot Mix Asphalt Paver)

Also known as asphalt pavement maintenance truck, the AD5080TYHR asphalt pavement equipment is a type of construction vehicles that consists of rack, rotary drum, feeding mechanism, power generator and ancillary components. This highway maintenance equipment has good asphalt recycling performance, enabling in-situ recycling of old materials, making them into usable asphalt mixtures by adding new aggregates at a certain ratio. The rotary drum boasts high regeneration speed.

Features of Asphalt Pavement Equipment
1. The hot mix asphalt paver is equipped with a front-mounted diesel engine, and features 4×2 rear-wheel drive.
2. High heating efficiency, high regeneration quality: the asphalt can be heated for regeneration on site as the repair work goes on. The regeneration process does not produce environmental pollutants, and throughout the process, the drum works in rotary motion so that the asphalt is heated evenly and quickly.
3. Unique hot air circulation heating method is used by the asphalt pavement equipment to ensure energy conservation and environmental protection, and also to prevent the asphalt from being overheated in the process.
4. The asphalt equipment comes with the capability of controlling and monitoring the hydraulic system and drum regenerator heating systems.
5. The asphalt pavement equipment integrates other functions for multi purposes, such as: crushing, power output, hydraulic output, etc.
6. Capability of carrying hydraulic drive vibratory rollers.

Main Parameters of Asphalt Pavement Equipment

Main Structure Main Technical Parameters
Model: DFA1080LJ11D3
Power: 100Kw/2800rpm
Drive type: 4 × 2
Maximum speed: 99Km / h
Recycling drum Onetime recycled materials: 650kg
Maximum recycling capacity: 2000kg / h
Rotational speed: 5-8rpm
Feeding mechanism Feeding: mechanical automatic feeding
Feed hopper volume: 80L (density: 1.5t/m3)
Single feeding time: 10 ~ 20S
Hot air system Fuel Type: Diesel
Heating device: Burner
Fuel requirement: ≤ 17.2Kg / h
Power Generators Power: 5KW
Power voltage: 380V/220V
With a power output interface
Emulsified asphalt system Emulsified asphalt tank capacity: 50L
Spray hose length: 6m
Asphalt heating and spraying system Asphalt tank capacity: 600L
Asphalt heating time is 2h
Fuel requirement: ≤ 4.3Kg / h

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