Other Road Machinery

    1. Vibratory Road RollerThe ZDY vibratory road roller is suitable for compaction work for narrow areas, small projects, pothole filling, crack filling, road paving, sidewalk paving, bridge pavement repair, etc.
    1. Pavement Cutting MachineThe cutting depth of the pavement cutting machine can be controlled and adjusted through the lifting mechanism by the hand wheel. The cooling water in the tank goes through the U-tube and is sprayed uniformly on the outer edge of the blade.
    1. Pavement Grooving MachineThe pavement grooving machine weighs 220 kg, and its footprint is ​​less than 1 square meter. It has high power reserves and low fuel consumption so as to ensure high efficiency.
    1. Straightening MachineAll the rollers can be adjusted up and down for straightening guard rails in different thicknesses and in different extent of deformation.
    1. Asphalt Pavement HeaterThe asphalt pavement heater has a built-in infrared heater which softens the damaged road surface by infrared heating from inside out at 6CM from the road surface. Chemical properties of asphalt remain essentially the same, and the patch layer will have longer life.

Our product catalogue includes a vast selection of road machinery for road construction and road maintenance purposes. Other styles of road equipment that we provide include walk-behind road roller, pavement cutter, pavement grooving machine, guardrail straightening machine, and towed asphalt pavement heater. These medium and small sized road machinery can be widely used in municipal, square, and highway construction and maintenance.

Our main products and this selection of road machines form mutual support to meet all different requirements.

With features of being small, flexible, and easy to use, this range of road machinery eliminates dead corner of construction due to space limitations. Our road equipment is widely acclaimed by customers with high stability and cost-effectiveness.

JRM is a professional road machinery manufacturer in China. Welcome to contact us to get the best road construction and maintenance solutions.