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Recycled Asphalt Paving Equipment

The SY4000 recycled asphalt paving equipment is used for paving a thin reclaimed asphalt overlay. The original pavement will be pre-heated and uniformly sprayed with regeneration agents. The harrowing device will loosen the pavement to make it better blend with the regeneration agents for the reclamation of aged asphalt. Then the asphalt paving equipment adopts a heater to perform reheating on the loose asphalt mixture, so that the asphalt mixture will be hot enough for the paving on the pretreated road surface as the functional wear layer. Since the paving is done in hot state, the recycled asphalt paving equipment enables the new and old materials to bind perfectly, while reducing the overlay paving thickness, saving material resources.

On-site construction

Structural Features of the Recycled Asphalt Paving Equipment
1. The integrated design: the asphalt recycling paving equipment integrates functions of surface heating, harrowing, regeneration agents spraying, asphalt mixture heating, heat insulation, thin overlay paving and smoothing, improving the efficiency and professionalism of the road construction equipment.
2. Hot thin overlaying technology: the technology not only ensures paving quality, but also minimizes the thickness of the overlay. The paving width can be freely adjusted. World advanced hot air circulation heating technology is used by the recycled asphalt paving equipment to ensure that the pavement material is adequately heated without scorching or aging. The material consumption can also be reduced by about 40%.
3. Regenerant spraying device: restore properties of aging asphalt and improve construction quality.
4. The recycled asphalt paving equipment has professional paving device and balance beam ultrasonic automatic leveling device to ensure the forming and flatness of the pavement.
5. The use of intelligent control and remote control system improves the control precision and make the asphalt finisher easy to operate.

Parts Figure

Total power Total heating capacity Paving thickness Working speed Dimension
392KW 3000000Kcal/h 10-50mm 0-7m/min 23m×3.6m×4m
Hopper volume Harrowing depth Paving width Towing speed Weight
3m3 10-30mm 3.5-4m 50km/h 45t

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