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Cold in Place Asphalt Recycling Machine

Also known as cold recycler, SY2500 cold in place asphalt recycling machine can perform on-site cold milling and crushing on asphalt pavement, blending crushed pavement with a certain amount of new aggregates—asphalt emulsion or foamed bitumen,cement or lime and water—and then complete the reclaimed asphalt pavement at one stroke by stirring, paving, and rolling the mixture at natural temperature. The cold in place asphalt recycling machine is one of the most cost-efficient asphalt recycling systems that enables 100% recycling of the old materials, simplifies construction process, reduces the construction cost by about 50%, and improves construction efficiency.

On-site construction

Technical Advantages of SY2500 Asphalt Recycling Machine
1. Simplify the construction process
There is no old material transport problems; no need for other road construction machines to crush the old pavement; no need for specialized tools to remove and crush bulk materials; no need to perform additional excavation and backfill on the old road base.

2. Save costs
All the materials of old pavement are recycled on-site, and compared with the traditional method of construction, the cold in place asphalt recycling machine saves costs by about 50%.

3. Upgrade the old road
The asphalt recycling machine upgrades the road fundamentally because the carrying capacity of the roadbed is improved together with the restoration of the designed road performance.

4. Protect the environment
There is no waste material transport and stacking. Only small amount of new aggregates are added, reducing the exploitation of resources. In cold construction process, there is no exhaust gas generated by heating and drying.

5. Less impact on public transport, less interference
The asphalt recycling machine enables half-width construction, and leaves the other half open to traffic.

6. Precise control of layer thickness
Once the working depth is determined, the milling depth is ensured by the sensor and control systems, to obtain accurate layer thickness.

7. Wide range of application
The asphalt recycling machine applies to maintenance of all roads with elevation unrestricted, including roads in general, substandard road, some city roads and high-ranking highways.


1. Strong power: the cold in place asphalt recycling machine adopts imported V8 engine in 500 Kw (680Ps), which ensures sufficient power reserves to easily drive the water tanker traveling in front while the milling operation is going on.

2. Lateral movement function: the milling drum operating unit can traverse a maximum distance of about 300mm, which can effectively adapt to the jobs close to curbs, as well as special operation conditions with varying road widths, increasing the flexibility of the asphalt recycling machine.

3. Adjustable milling depth, variable mixing space: the milling drum that boasts American technology allows quick replacement of blades and gear sets. The milling depth adjustment is under hydraulic control, and secondary crushing goes on with the mixing process. The mixing space is variable, which allows the asphalt recycling machine to achieve the best mixing effects under any operating conditions. Particle size adjustment panel can adjust the degree of fragmentation in milling process as per requirements.

4. Sprinkler system: during milling process, the spraying rod sprays additives and water into the mixing mask, completing the blending by rotation of the rotor.

5. PLC automatic control system: the asphalt recycler is available with a sensor to implement real-time monitoring of operating conditions, giving sound, light, and electric alarms on anomalies.

6. Cab: the fully enclosed air-conditioned cab is capable of lateral movement to make good vision and comfortableness. The large-screen color display is clear, eye-catching, and easy to operate.

7. High-pressure cleaning system: the cold in place asphalt recycling machine is equipped with high pressure cleaning gun for easy equipment cleaning after construction.

8. The asphalt recycling equipment can complete cement, asphalt emulsion, foamed bitumen regeneration operations.

Main Parameters of SY2500 Asphalt Recycling Machine

Engine power 500 kW / 2100 rpm
Working width 2450 mm
Working depth 0 ~ 350 mm
Working speed Ⅰ gear: 0 ~ 15 m / min
Ⅱ gear: 0 ~ 35 m / min
Ⅲ gear: 0 ~ 65 m / min
Ⅳ gear: 0 ~ 130 m / min
Rotor Diameter 1460 mm
Rotor speed 100 r / min, 127 r / min
Blade number 211
Blade clearance 15 mm
Tire Size MW26.5 herringbone pattern, diameter: 1676 mm
Maximum traverse distance 150mm

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