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Hot in Place Asphalt Recycling Equipment

SY4500 hot in place asphalt recycling equipment is currently the most advanced thermal regeneration asphalt pavement construction equipment, consisting of two pavement heaters, a hot milling machine and a remixer. Pavers, rollers, dump trucks are necessary auxiliary equipment in a common grouping for continuous construction of large area road repair, forming a new road at one stroke. Using the asphalt recycling equipment, the asphalt materials of the old road are 100% recyclable on site, which contributes to resource conservation and environmental protection. There is no need to close the traffic when the road maintenance is going on. The hot in place asphalt recycling equipment brings very significant economic and social benefits.

This hot in place asphalt recycling equipment is a product of the national 863 project, national key new product, and a product of the State Torch Program. The basic features of the asphalt recycling equipment are as follows:

1. Old pavement materials can be 100% recycled, saving costs and shortening the construction cycle. This is the biggest advantage of the hot recycler over the traditional process.
2. The asphalt recycler uses efficient and environmentally friendly hot air circulation technology to reduce fuel consumption.
3. Full heating, drying, and mixing processes ensure the quality of the recycled mixture.
4. Hydraulic drive provides the asphalt recycling system with smooth and reliable operation and precise control.
5. The hot in place asphalt recycling equipment adopts intelligent bus control technology to improve the level of automation.
6. Key components of hydraulic, electrical, heating, and milling systems are of internationally well-known brand, to ensure high reliability in quality and performance.

1. console; 2. circulating fan; 3. stove; 4. engine; 5. travel mechanism; 6. pavement heater; 7. front

Pavement Heater
The pavement heater of the hot in place asphalt recycling equipment functions in performing continuous heating on large areas of asphalt concrete road that has good roadbed but damaged pavement, so as to raise the temperature of the surface pavement quickly to meet resurfacing requirements. Only after the heating, the subsequent equipment can be able to carry out hot milling, scarifying,remixing and resurfacing operations.

The heating system for the asphalt recycling equipment uses the most advanced large area continuous hot air circulation heating technology. The excess heat of hot air can be recycled, not only improving the thermal efficiency, but also saving a lot of fuel. The heating is uniform, in high efficiency, and smoke-free and dust-free to be good for environmental protection.

Hot Milling Machine

The hot milling machine of the hot in place asphalt recycling equipment is capable of performing the following processes in a roll: heating the asphalt pavement, milling both sides of the road, gathering aggregates to the road center, adding recycling agent, milling and mixing the middle road pavement.

The asphalt recycling machine heats and softens the bitumen pavement. It also mills according to specified milling depth and width, which can be automatically controlled and adjusted, and there will not be broken aggregates in the milling process. The amount of regeneration agent added is under precise control.


1. warm mix agent tank; 2. stove system; 3. diesel tank; 4. hydraulic oil tank; 5. engine; 6. hopper; 7. mixing mechanism; 8. inclined conveyor; 9. aggregating mechanism; 10. pavement heater; 11. batching mechanism; 12. console

The remixer of the asphalt recycling equipment is mainly used for the continuous completion of adding, flattening, stirring, drying, heating, aggregating, feeding, mixing, and unloading the new asphalt mixture. Discharge of the new mixture is under automatic proportion control, matching with stirring and paving functions.

Unique post-mixing, drying, and heating processes are designed to ensure that the old and new material added mixtures can be heated sufficiently, removing inherent moisture in the old mixture. The mixture will be sent by scraper conveyor into the biaxial stirring pot for the final mixing, and finally it falls into the paver for paving operations.

Main Parameters of SY4500 Hot in Place Asphalt Recycling Equipment

Total power 728KW Regenerant tank capacity 2.7M3
Hopper volume 3M3 Blender mixing capacity 300t/h
Total heating capacity 8600000Kcal/h Pavement heating width 4.5m
Recycling depth 0-60mm Maximum Recycling width 4m
Operating speed 0-5m /min Towing speed ≤ 60km/h
Travel drive hydraulic servo drive Steering form hydraulic four-wheel steering
Amount of material feeding automatic proportion control Weight 98t

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